Boulder Colorado Family Lifestyle Shoot

Hi all!

Super, super excited to share this shoot. I mean … Look at this family. Is this not #goals or what?

Their house is full of lovely natural light so um, duh, we’re gonna shoot there.

First, we made cookies while listening to Grateful Dead records and then we played some Christmas carols on the guitar – well, dad did. These awesome parents publish Boulder Lifestyle magazine, where I consider myself very blessed to work.

It’s currently 7 in Louisville today, so yeah. Get your coffee and your whisky, and turn on some old school animated Christmas movies.

Peace, love and rainbows


Louisville Colorado Engagement and Wedding Shootout

Whew! I’m back! It took a bit, but I’m somewhat fully sorta committed to blogging again. I’m going to share some photos from a shootout I attended in Louisville, CO near Boulder. There were so many awesome couples to work with, direct and obviously photograph. It was a cool time.

So many cool vendors came together to make this shoot work. Here they are:

Organizers: Kelly Wilkerson + Sharee Davenport
Hashtag: #atomicworkshops

Hair + Makeup Artist: April with Kim J Beauty

Tablescape: Lilli Black with Sweetly Paired

Florist: Bella Calla

Men’s accessories: Knotty Tie Co.

Bridal gowns and veils: Marie Margot Couture

Engaged Females Clothing: Clothed in Grace

In other news, it snowed last night, and we’re making goulash today.

Peace, love and rainbows


Denver Designer Fashion Portraits

Allison is a Denver-based designer who operates Peach & Pepper apparel. She drove to Boulder to meet me for some fun fashion photos of her new Spring designs.

Allison’s clothing is all sewn in Denver by local artisans. She carefully selects fabric and designs each item specifically. Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder was the perfect place to showcase her unique styles and designs.







Denver RiNo Fashion Blogger Shoot

Mallory operates a blog called Sweet and Sauer based on fashion and lifestyle. She describes her choices of outfits, and gets into deeper subjects such as her melanoma diagnoses and treatment. Mallory is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

I’m not terribly familiar with Denver, though I am trying to get better. Mallory took me to a coffeeshop in the RiNo district, and we enjoyed an afternoon walking through alleys and stepping over garbage. It was awesome. We got some fun, moody shots of fashion mixed with a semi-industrial area of Denver.







Denver Union Station Fashion Blogger Shoot

Lacey is a fashion blogger out of Denver. Her blog, My Boring Closet, follows fashion trends for those who want to keep things interesting with “a small closet.” I’ve been known to overflow closets. Currently I have two full ones, and a dresser, but I digress. Maybe I could take some lessons in downsizing.

Lacey was totally cool, and we had a blast at Union Station grabbing some shots. Union Station is historic, beautiful, and offers lots of dramatic light sources which I am a huge fan of. Check out some of my favorite shots from our afternoon together.






Duke the Boxer

So, guys. I’m really bad at blogging. Like really, really bad. I’m not saying it’s a New Year’s resolution, but it’s definitely some sort of resolution that I get better at blogging.

Duke is an 8 year old Boxer from Lakewood, Colorado. He and his humans met me in Boulder for a fun little morning session on Flagstaff mountain. Duke was quite the doggy model. We all had a great time.

IMG_2350B IMG_2296eBRIGHTERB IMG_2243B IMG_2239e2B IMG_2228B

Alison’s Mountain Adventure

This has to be one of my favorite shoots to date. Alison wanted some outdoor portraits and was more than willing to appease and humor me by walking up to and standing on the edge of a rock face (it’s not as dangerous as it sounds). So worth it.

IMG_9302e2LOW IMG_9230eBWLOW IMG_9160e2eLOW

Alison and I headed up to the mountains with a 6-pack and a taste for adventure and ended up getting some gorgeous shots. I highly recommend this type of shoot for anyone looking for something a little out of the ordinary, something daring and most importantly something fun.


Fort Collins Fashion


I work, live and play in Boulder. However, I like to step out and see what else Colorado has to offer (which is a lot; a whole lot). A quick drive north will take you into Fort Collins, which might be one of the coolest towns on the front range. From their cute little downtown square to the miles of outdoor adventures that await, you just can’t be bored.

I wanted to do both location scouting and a small fashion shoot with roadside wildflowers and some clothes from my closet. My assistant and I shot for about an hour while exploring a spacious, scenic park outside the city.

We ended the day with cocktails from The Blind Pig in downtown Fort Collins, and called it a wrap. I’m going to say ‘to be continued,’ because I am definitely not done exploring Northern Colorado.


Camp Vibes

Hi all.

So, I’m newish to this blogging thing. I like to think I used to be a pretty decent writer back in the days when I’d actually, well, write. I’m not even talking about in the grammatical sense (like that all the prepositions and things are in the right places, though that’s sure a plus), but in the actual story sense. Things tended to flow a lot easier for me when I wrote semi-regularly. As is true with any activity, I suppose. I tend to write what I feel, and because of that I might consider myself a millennial Carrie Bradshaw with Chucks on instead of Minolos. Sometimes my blurbs sound better spoken out loud than read off a page. So, by all means, serenade your cat or dog or spouse if you feel the same way.

Anyway, to the subject matter. This past weekend was Labor Day, which generally translates across America to “the end of summer,” or “winter is coming,” for my fellow Game of Thrones fans. My mom was visiting from New York, which was totally awesome, and we all went camping. One of our favorite spots lies between Lyons and Estes Park, Colorado atop a lovely overlook perfect for bonfires, beers and anything in tents.

I’m not saying I won’t go camping again before next summer, but this weekend’s trip was perfect in every way.


“The mountains are calling, and I must go.” – John Muir