Hello, hola, bonjour! I’m Colleen. I know sometimes reading bios and blogs can equate to watching paint dry. So, in lieu of pulling a Seinfeld episode (which can probably explain my life better than anything I’m going to write myself) and doing a yada yada yada, here goes.

I recently relocated back to my home town of Olean, NY for the time being from (among other places) Boulder, Colorado. It was the perfect place for me to express my innate weirdness and meet other likeminded people I’m lucky to call a part of my tribe (or squad as the kids are saying). I’m about to round out my twenties and I love being back where it all started. I spent my 20-29s traveling both abroad and in the good ole USA, acquiring various animals, and generally just TCOBing with the mindset of a NYer and the vibe of a beach bum. You can find me (most of the time) in the great outdoors, opening a brand new vintage (or the $12 bottle of pinot that’s currently on display at the liquor store – tomato tom-ah-toe), or engrossed in some type of debate regarding the Buffalo Bills that I swore I wouldn’t get into in the first place.

As for ‘work,’ I love ‘the real.’ I believe in moments as memories. I like couples, families, and furry clients who are alternative, authentic, and totally badass. People (and furry people) who aren’t afraid to be themselves and let emotion and feeling carry us through our session. I try not to take myself too seriously, and hope my laid-back vibe can come through and make my muses embrace their true selves for the most ‘non-awkward’ photos ever.

In addition to portrait work, I was named a top ‘up and coming’ photographer by Culture Trip and have been published for work on local restaurants, business owners, and societal trends. I have also exhibited my work in a curated setting and enjoy taking on documentary and socially conscious projects.

That’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you. Building relationships is the best part of my job, and I can’t wait to connect. Let’s grab some coffee or beer and make it happen.

Peace, love and rainbows,